Friday, July 27, 2007

top five friday...craft junkie-ism

After reading SadieandLance's post on Craft Junkies, I suspect that I am a craft junkie and quite possibly a fabric-holic (I am convinced that they are of the same ilk). So what would define a craft junkie? That is my question. So I have come up with a few things that would probably help define a craft junkie of sorts...

5. The 'I can't keep still' thing. On the whole, I'm sure that crafters are probably a very patient bunch- crafts do have a tendency to take up a lot of time and effort. I like the irony of the 'I can't sit still' thing- a crafter patiently sitting still but being very busy with craft at the same time. This is where the fidgety 'I have no craft' withdrawl symptom comes into play... I'm not sure if I can 'sit still' in earnest now that I am firmly entrenched in the knitty-knit.

4. The 'I haven't tried this craft yet' thing. New crafts= new crafting addictions. Simple.

3. The 'I just saw this fabric/yarn/thread' thing. The start of a new project, when something just happens to have your name written all over it, and you're not quite sure what it will be but it looks good anyway! This is a very important factor for fabric-holics! Buying fabric just because it looks nice, without having a clue what you will use it for! (This probably explains why I have a decent sized pile of Liberty fabric that I haven't used yet....)

2. The 'middle of the project new idea' thing. You know, when you are in the middle of a project and you get the Next Big Idea and suddenly it seems that your current project isn't so hot anymore. Restlessness I say.

1. The 'I will just add one more detail' thing. Thats bad. Baaaaaad! You know what I mean... This is when a small project turns into a big one. Take my blanket for example- it started off with 9 squares, grew into 25 squares (to actually make it blanket-sized) and now it is not only 25 squares and with several borders... and now I am contemplating making one of the borders up with a cable pattern... Somehow I always end up making more work for myself! But seriously, I think that it is this mentality can make the difference between an average project and a beautiful one.

Anyhow I must run. It is Friday and Project Runway will be on tonight! And I will do a smidgen, just a smidgen- of work on my embroidery, just because looks a little neglected :)


SadieandLance said...

ahhahahahah that's ums up the craft junkie to a tea - and yes I fit all of those descriptions! I had a group we called the Association and Attention Deficient's kind fallen away now but we would have been proud to have you in our ranks!!

Anna said...

So so true! I think I am an Attention Deficient Crafter! Hehe

Sarah said...

Yep, I'm feeling this one! At least we'll never be board though!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Aah... but I am also a blog-a-holic. Perhaps you are one too?! xx pip