Tuesday, November 27, 2007

one fish, two fish

I moved my goldfish (Onefish and Twofish) in the weekend. I sat them in the passenger seat and buckled them in. And my niece made them this card :)
Update (14.12.07): Sadly Twofish (the black one) passed away not long ago. I think possibly from the shock of moving, and not having the filter on for a long period. You will be missed little fish.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

pincushion swap?

Ah after my 'no taking on projects' rant in my last post, I've been bitten by an impulse (everything seems to be impulsive these says) to do a pincushion swap. I love pincushions, and the fact that theyre small but perfectly formed (as well as helpful and tidy. perfect housewife in a craft). Is anyone keen? Leave a comment if you are and we can organise from there!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

new flat (yay)

Another post with no pictures! And this is supposed to be a craft design blog...

On the flat-hunting front. Much of a source of drama and amusement flat hunting has been, but now I have a flat to move into. Very good. It means that I can play interior designer for as long as I can keep my room tidy-ish, which I suspect wont be for long. Its not too far away from where I used to live, so I am quite familar with the area. It also means that I don't have to pull out into hideous traffic if I'm driving to work. The flat is with a couple and a cat (a hunter I hear), and seems laid back, my room is pale blue and sunny, which is great. My room in my last flat was quite large, but dark, which made it feel ever so lonely, even though I loved having lots of space. Bring on the cozy flat I say!

On the craft front. I'm in a work-in-progress mess. Seriously, I keep convincing myself that I will finish a project soon, but then go and somehow make it more complicated than it needs to be, probably so that I can keep on working on it. Number of works in progress: 4. Number of finished pieces: 0.
I have warned myself not to take on any more embroidery related pieces, even though I want do some crafty Christmas presents. Not having a set postal address held me back ffrom participating in the Christmas Ornament Swap, which I'm in a weird way, kind of grateful for, as I'm sure I would have had too many crafts and not much time...

On the jewellery front. The neverending cuff is still neverending. Uh- oh. And I only have 2 classes left in my term at the jewellery school. This is quite concerning for myself and my tutor (I think he is wanting some closure.) simply because I cannot see myself finishing my piece by the end of the year. I spent last night tidying up the 'butterfly wing' pieces of the cuff, but there is so much more work to be done (more cutting, more filing, sanding, buffing, soldering, polishing....). It really makes you respect jewellery as an artform. I'm watching the graduating fulltime students work on their masterpieces- amazing, but I am hoping that they don't get too strung out about it, like I did over my collection when I was at uni. I'll take a photo of the neverending cuff at the end of the term to show my (slow) progress...

On the auntie front. Only 2 more days of being a live in auntie! I will miss my little nieces when I move out, as they have been so lovely to their old auntie :)