Wednesday, December 22, 2010

russian dolls and a palomino pony

This year I decided to paint my nieces their birthday presents. Actually, scratch that- last year I decided to paint my nieces their birthday presents, this year I finished them. For E I painted a palomino pony, for she is absolutely mad about ponies and horses. I haven't much experience with drawing or painting horses, but this one has developed a life of its own- look at the expression in its eye- like it was caught stealing apples from the farmer's orchard!
For G I created a family of matryoshka dolls, which I am hoping she'll like. It was lots of fun coming up with different designs for their bodies/dresses/scarves (?!) but also lots of work to paint them. I could only manage short bursts of painting before my hands were shaking or my patience was shredded!
This is most likely my last post for the year- I'm soon to head away to see my family for Christmas (and gift my nieces their paintings), then to be a Kathmandu-clad traveller off to Vietnam! Whew! So here's to a Happy Holidays and a relaxing and fun festive season :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, it has been a while..! A lack of internet has put me well behind on blogging about the Amazing Gingerbread Cupcake Cookies... which I had made several weekends ago.
When I had left my last job, as part of my cupcake-themed farewell gift, I was given some cupcake cookie cutters.. what to do but make gingerbread cupcakes. Easier said than done, as there was some technique involved in getting the cut cookie to the tray without it turning into smoosh. Decorating was the fun part, with heaps of brightly coloured chocolately cookies being the result- which only lasted a few days in my household!

Recipe found here.