Thursday, March 29, 2007


Today it is raining. And raining. And raining.

I have a bad case of cabin-fever, which I think is due to it seeming like it is 5pm all day. My work day has been very very slow and I have been figity. It is one of those days where staying at home is very inviting. In that repect, I am very much looking forward to going home (and that means braving the rain- I take the bus- and hoping that my umbrella survives the journey) and sitting down to work on my embroidery.
I have moved onto the next stage- Miss E herself, who is holding some balloons, wearing an auntie dress with 'funky girl' tights (spotty). Sounds simple in concept, but has been a bit of a nightmare- I have changed the eyecolour back and forth about 4 times! (at the moment it is bright aqua). I'm also starting to think ahead to the cushion it will be turned into- I'm thinking of a cream or tea-stained felt background, trimmed with a border of Liberty fabric scalloped edges...

And while I'm in a crafty mood I'm getting quite inspired about perhaps making myself a patchwork quilt- nothing fancy like you see in magazines, just small squares of lovely fabrics stitched together. I don't know much about quilting- I don't have quilters in my family, so it will be all about learning. I am particularly inspired by the lovely Chocolate Box Quilt on yarnstorm... However this quilt idea would be a long term plan- so for now I will hoard fabric and dream...

Oh look! The rain has gone and the sun has (kind of) come out...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

lets build a home!

A little house grew on my embroidery... and the large gaping hole in the middle is no longer so big. It is eciting to see the embroidery start to take on its final forms, but I'm starting to get a little sad, like its an end of an era. Not all of my ideas for the embroidery made it onto the felt, but plenty, I'm sure, will spill onto the next one I will do.

I am loving... Julie Knoblock's interactive illustration project. It is quite amazing to see how someone's suggestion is translated and incorporated into an artwork. It is quite a fun idea...

I am off to... the Craftwerk fair on Saturday to have a little look around. It has crossed my mind on more than one occasion that I could sell my auntie dresses there...

Monday, March 12, 2007

ridiculously cute

Wow, I can scratch off something from my listy-list! I have been busy sewing these auntie dresses for my nieces. I love making these- minimum input, maximum impact. There is something satisfying about making children's clothes, especially since they are almost always cute.

I have contemplated making these to sell on Etsy... but it would be quite a process, that may conflict more than a little with my plans for The T-Shirt Project (more about that later...) I really love this fabric- its double-sided (but I have make these garments in a reversible way)- stripy on one side, dotty on the other.

And for talented creative people- a big congratulations to my friend Emily, who was placed 2nd in the Vodafone ID Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards!
Other news is that I have decided not to enter The Triplets into the Hokonui Fashion Awards- I am so over looking at the same drawing of the same designs that it doesnt really interest me any more- I have worked with the same group of ideas for about a year, so they are definately stale. A bit of an executive decision there, but I don't want to waste my time on something that doesn't inpire me anymore. Onwards and upwards with The T-Shirt Project- my new design baby