Friday, August 3, 2007

top five friday...a picture a day...

This week held the start of a new month, and a week of images. This Top Five Friday, I have decided to do something a little different, and instead of giving my usual low-down on my top five, I thought that I would show an image that I discovered each day.

5. Monday. Monday's image is the completed interactive project by illustrator Julie Knoblock. I have been following the development of this artwork since its conception a few months ago. It is great to see the finished piece- the original was won by the lucky Dizzyjadey, but prints in A4 or A3 size can be found here. Another, more textile-y based interactive project has popped up at Syko- I'm sure to follow how it will grow.

4. Tuesday. On tuesday I opened up a sparkling new copy of Sportswear International to find this. I am such a denim fiend that I got quie excited about it "look at these jeans!". Mr Inspector Gadget (the hat and the trenchcoat do it) here is wearing the most interesting jeans that want to be boots that want to be spats. So very cool and what a great idea. I hope they have a ladies version...

3. Wednesday. Ok I may be cheating here ...this is actually last wednesday's image, but I love it just the same. I spotted this on Lena Corwin, who always manages to offer a good dose of inspiration. Scottish designer Emma McCorquordale, has a very textile-y approach that creates soft and organic forms, and she is not afraid to play with soft shapes- I love the ruffles.

2. Thursday. After a long period of knitting, I started sewing up my blanket. That doesn't mean that it is finished, of course, but it is exciting to get a glimpse of what is to come. It is quite a soothing and relaxing process, stitching this blanket together, unlike knitting, where I race to the end each row like a crazywoman. I have a good feeling about this project, which I think relates to the homespun colours used. It is warm to look at and warm to hold.

1. Friday. The aeroplane flies high. OK so I'm not jetting off to LA but I like this poster all the same- it captures the rose tinted view of going on holiday. There is more, of course to this aeroplane theme- I'm heading off to Sydney for a break in a few weeks time and I'm quite excited. The last time I went to Sydney I came away with a great pair of shoes and a jacket (the jacket is still going)- so who knows what my bank account will be like after this! I haven't been away for some time. So if you have any suggestions for places, shops and restaurants etc, please let me know- I'm all ears.

Have a great weekend!

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