Friday, July 6, 2007

top five friday... chocolatey things

Its a chocolate season. You know that cold and rainy time of the year that can make a hot chocolate so good. I was listening to the radio the other afternoon and they were talking about chocolate bars- this gave me the idea for this weeks Top Five Friday (full indulgence of sweet tooth).

5. Chocolate Coffee Beans. A little treat to work with my daily dose of coffee. I like how they crunch.

4. Chocolate Brown. If there is ever a smug, warm colour, chocolate brown has to be it. This has to be an easily forgiveable colour knit-wise, sew- wise and clothes wise.

3. Flake Bars. I have liked these for a long time. I think its because they are not as heavy as other chocolate bars and are kind of messy to eat. I still remember the early flake ads that kind of looked like they were in Paris, then in space (good places to visit I'm sure).

2. Chocolate Frogs. Total novelty appeal. I love little frogs and the chocolate ones are so good.

1. Mum's Chocolate Slice. An old favourite- its one of those slices that you make with crushed biscuits and a chocolate-y fudge-y mixture- an occasional addition of marshmallows never goes astray :)

Hmm.. what to do next week...


Julie said...

oh, stop, stop, stop! I was just reading a different blog about food and that got my appetite going, then came to yours, now I need dinner and dessert!!
I love chocolate flavour but I'd have to say a premium chocolate icecream would be at the top of my list ;)

Anna said...

hmm... I think that ice-cream flavours would be worthy of a Top- Five Friday all of its own... :)