Saturday, February 21, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


Still in 'catch up' mode, here are some pictures of a softie that I have been itching to show you since about December.  I normally don't make softies, you see.  But with my little niece's 4th birthday coming up (ok- been and gone now!) this was a perfect excuse to try something new... and as this little girl thinks that little piggies are very cute, Piggilina (as I called her) was born.  

I was trying the 'quirky' soft toy think, but somhow it ended up having an Auntie spin to it.  I especially like the bow on her tail!  This softie was a hit with Miss G :)  Who knows- I could make more softies in the future!

Friday, February 6, 2009

new year, new sewing

I think that there has been a bit of a delayed response with my blogging this year (so far).  It kind of goes like this.. do some craft/sewing/see something inspiring. Think about blogging about it.  Then watch the time slip by... 

So now I am seizing the moment, and finally blogging about something (if only about a week too late!)  I had been hoarding some luscious Liberty 'Mim' fabric for some time, and have finally turned it into something worthwhile: version 3.0 of the 'ever versatile top'- this time a ray of sunshine!  This time I had accessorised with some very cute little cross-stitch buttons from the lovely Heleen at Ruby In The Dust- which I had purchased at a craft fair earlier and just happened to be a perfect match colour-wise!