Saturday, July 7, 2007


15 squares gone, 10 to go! There is a certain level of satisfaction that you get when you stack squares of knitting or crochet into a pile- they are even outgrowing my knitting bag... The fact that it keeps growing makes it even better. I'm hoping to finish the next 10 squares in the next couple of weeks... but its not over after that! Then I will knit little border strips to space out the blanket, and make it more graphic and quilt-y looking. I'm really enjoying the homespun colour palette- there is something so comforting and earthy about it. However, I expect that I may have to adjust my choice in bedlinen (currently Cath Kidston style roses) to work with this blanket. That could be a good thing of course! Then maybe, just maybe I might be ready for embroidery again...

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