Friday, July 20, 2007

top five friday... i scream for icecream!

Following on the rather indulgent theme from my last Top Five Friday, and partially inspired by watching Top Chef last night (the episode with the Seven- Deadly- Sins- Seven- Course- Dinner). I decided to do the low down- on- the Top Five Ice-cream Flavours and icecreamy things (your list may be a little different than mine. I'm such an icecream girl- particularly when I was younger, when I thought that being an ice-cream taster would be good (actually I still think that there is some appeal in that...). And keeping with the icecream theme I will colour my words in pastel (or gelato) shades as you may say..

5. The Premium Vanilla Icecream in the Freezer at Work. Who keeps good icecream at work??? Tell me! Is it there as a joke? To tempt everyone???????????????! And is there actually icecream in there?

4. Goldrush, Jellytip, and Goody-Goody Gumdrops. Not to mention Hokey-Pokey... Classic kiwi icecream flavours for my none- too- sophisticated palate. Although, I do admit, restaurant desserts are good!

3. Cookies and Cream. Number One icecream flavour. Has not been knocked off the chart yet.

2. Gelato at Circular Quay Like a Tourist, Sydney. Admittedly there is something quite nice about this, walking in the sunshine with a gelato in your hand wandering like every other tourist towards the Opera House (then back in the other direction to the art gallery).

1. Icecream at the Cool Cat in Napier. Icecream education starts here. When I was younger they boasted a impressive 32 flavours of icecream. Not bad. Nowadays the amount of icecream is halved, but the appeal is still there- they still scoop decent portions, complete with chocolate dip. And best yet is on a good summer's day with your feet in the sand (or seawater) watching the people and the sea.

Coming up next... well I don't know really. I think we will have to wait until next week to find that out!


The Shopping Sherpa said...

You forgot Rush Munro's historic ice cream garden in Hastings...

Anna said...

Ooooh thats right! and despite having lived in Hawkes Bay for years I have never been there!....

Jen said...

yummmm but cold for this time of the year:)

2 places I would recommend is the icecream palour on Marine Parade in napier about a 5 minute walk down from the childrens playground there now he sells icecreams at decent prices and amounts
the Tip Top Ice cream factory in Auckland which you past as you approach going South on the motorway just past the Mt Wellington turnoff they give factory tours very interesting also when we went several years ago now they give you stickers and a free icecream