Monday, July 16, 2007

the computer woes

My computer has managed to get itself a lovely virus, so my posting from here on is set to be on the sporadic side. It is taking f o r e v e r to run anything. And my priority is to protect my work, and my graphics programs ( no graphics= useless computer. I am quite concerned that I could lose everything. So until I sort this out things around here will be abit quiet. Even if it is a really good excuse to get a Mac (not good for bank account though). At least I will still be crafting- so perhaps I will return with a round of new, finished or nearly finished projects! Bear with me.

See you soon!


Megan said...

What a pain, hope you manage to get it sorted soon. I wander around like someone's cut off an arm when I have to go without my computer.

Jen said...

Im so sori its not good when computers do that is it
hope you get it fixed soon

Anna said...

Update! Portfolio and design work fromt he last 5 years has been saved! The next step is to de-virus the computer. I expect that I will be back within the next week.