Sunday, July 22, 2007

a painting with lines and a tree

Since I began this blog last year, I have listed in my not-so-small list of crafts, to start and finish a painting. So I was determined, after a good two or three months of having a painting hanging around home, to finish it- and today, with a flourish, I can cross it off! This weekend 'A Painting With Lines and A Tree' is finally complete, and is now in the perfectly fitting spot that I had marked out for it. I quite like the fat little birds with the skinny little legs.
I quite like painting, but I find that it takes me quite a long time to achieve anything, but despite that I might do another painting, perhaps with shoes and patterns, sooner or later.


Megan said...

It's a great painting, I love the birds too.

Jen said...

I like it :)
I like the coulors and the balance
is that the right word?
the way you have put things including the birds on your painting

dizzyjadey said...

Pretty painting! I love your lines, specially the dotted lines.