Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So alot has happened since I last posted here. I have moved across town to a new house ('across town' is like, two suburbs away from where I used to live. Miles! I know!) So as a consequence I have taken much of an interest in home decorating, but when your'e flatting your are kind of restricted to what you and your flatmates can pull together, so the results are looking mish-mash-y...
I have completed the dark grey border on The Blanket. So now I only have to knit the brown border and I will be done with the knitting bit. I have also found the ideal solution to the woven backing- pre-made quilted fabric- in calico, which is a great match to the design. I was so excited when I found it- I had been grappling with the idea of quilting the backing, which frankly seemed daunting for a non-quilter like me. So this all means that I should be able to complete this project sometime next year, all going well.

I have baked these, which I brought into my office. Next time I'm trying them with peanut butter icing...mmm...
And these.
And these, which I also brought into my office. I have never seen such a large batch of cookies. Ever. I still have a tin of them to eat through at home.

Baking in action. Yes I am a modern girl and I bake directly from the internet (although I do have to be careful as flour and computers do not mix).

And if you think that my baking is wholly American, think again. I'm keen to try making Matcha Daifuku Mochi with Red Bean Paste, which I come across at sushi shops occasionally and are my new favourite things. I didn't like them at first, due to some weird flavour/texture combo, which put me off them for a while. I only wish that I liked these when I went to Japan- they were everywhere, especially in Kyoto.

I have embroidered a little, but not alot (bad lighting in my new house and my winter knitting addiction has much to account for here). You can see that I am working on embroidering Ballerina Georgie's skin, which is a very delicate process which I am approaching with a high level of caution. I am betting that her face will be one of the last things that I will be working on in this whole piece. The blue blobby bits are where I have marked out motifs to be embroidered. I certainly need to do lots and lots more embroidery as I have a deadline (late December birthday) so frankly, I need to make this, not knitting or baking, my obsession!

I'm taking my nieces to Kraftbomb tomorrow- I'm looking forward to seeing crafty Auckland and my old neighbourhood.

And not to forget! Lucky Penny is on next Tuesday- see you there!