Monday, March 30, 2009


Do you? It would be a lovely thing to dream of…

This is a little smidgen of the embroidery I’m creating for my niece which is my current crafting obsession... I told you all that new thread would help!

Monday, March 23, 2009

simplicity and complexity

You can say that humble things are beautiful- especially when photographed well! Somehow my work is never quite like that- I can often get over indulgent and carried away with the design process… especially when making jewellery. I have been longing to show two very different pieces on this blog- a brooch that I made for my mother and a necklace which I had made for my sister.

Complex. I love art-deco. You may recall this piece from this drawing from an earlier post. I was trying to push myself with learning new skills which made for a challenging piece. I added lapis lazuli for a jolt of colour, and enamel for its glass-like effect.

Simple. With a deadline and a need for a break from complex pieces, I chose to make a simple necklace for my sister’s birthday. I took the time however, to consider how you can make a simple cut-out shape more intriguing. Lovely. I’m now re-using the shape (same-same but different) for a necklace for myself, which I will show you in time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love new embroidery thread. Yuh-huh. And until now I’ve never taken the opportunity to take photos as I collect them. There is something quite sumptuous about embroidery thread- I just love the colour. Hopefully this newness will add inspiration and variety to my embroidery…