Friday, November 28, 2008


Only 1 and a bit days to go until the next Kraftbomb! Until then there is a bit of sewing to do.. I'm looking forward to sunday! Kraftbomb is at the Greylynn Community Centre, Richmond Rd 11am- 2pm!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

all stitch'd up

I do like tattoos, even though I must confess that I don't own any (some combination of my Libran indecisiveness and slight fear of needles)!  So I brought a Stitch'd Ink design at Kraftbomb a few months ago and have finally finished the design.  Somewhere along the lines I forgot that cross stitch is very addictive- I'm sure thats because you don't really have to think much while working on them (that happened once or twice and I ended up forgetting to do a row or two! Oops!).  I did add the word 'Auntie' an old-school tattoo font which was a bit of a challenge- especially the 'A' which has all sorts of odd angles.  I chose to add the word 'Auntie' as I've been an auntie since I was 6 (most of my life) and I thought this would be a great way to make it some kind of badge. I do like the charm and irony of a piece like this.  I will get it framed eventually- most likely in a type of frame that is at odds with the design.  

I've also been working on a little painting- I'll post that when it's done!

Monday, November 10, 2008

changes and sensible advice

I like the nature of this post. Especially the line about 'the girl in the mirror'. It is a nice reminder about personal change expressed beautifully.

I also like Lara from Kirin Notebook's (a long time read for me) craft/design business advice, which for someone who is starting out a little something is all so relevant.

Thats all for now!