Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lucky Penny February!

Well, the time has come around for me to mention Lucky Penny... Bring yourself and your crafty things for a night of gossip and craft on Tuesday 02 February at Mezze Bar, Durham Lane, Auckland. See you there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

first post of the new year (no photos)

Ok, so laziness has gotten the better of me, and not only do I delay posting until halfway through the month, but also neglect to add some appropriately summery/crafty photos. Ah well, nevermind... So can I just go onto a 'new years' spiel as to how I'm going to change things around at the Violet & May HQ? I can...? Fantastic.

Somewhere in my new year's resolutions is the words 'blog more' (or was it 'be a better blogger?' Can't remember) Blogging can be a little tricky if you only have intermittent computer access on the sly at work. But blogging would be nothing without some kind of content, so I'm hoping that I can craft enough to make things interesting around here...

Another one of my new years resolutions is to finish the embroidery for my niece GG- think of it like a monogamous relationship with my craft- I won't be able to finish it for her 6th birthday if I get toooo distracted with other crafty things. 2010 is the now the year of the embroidery. Yikes! (If you are wondering at all what I am getting myself into... see what I made her big sister..)

I'm also calling it quits with any market-y or commercial crafts... as fun as they are, I found that I was losing the enjoyment of just making things. This may come as no surprise to those who know me personally, as I've been hinting at it for a while... but don't despair- I'm still a Kraftbomb groupie! And I'm looking forward to kicking off with the first Lucky Penny Crafty Club session this year (February 2, Mezze Bar, Auckland- be there or be square).

Other assorted new years resolutions include: learning something new (I don't what just yet... Am debating if a few words of Japanese for my upcoming trip actually counts.) and to do something charitable- I need to get in touch with my charitable self and contribute back to society.

There you have it. Something to thing about.