Thursday, July 12, 2007

lovely, lovely

The clever Charlotte of Anknel and Burblets, has created a new website, Lovely NZ. Of course its all about lovely, places, shops, people, food and blogs in New Zealand. This is a fantastic idea as there probably wasn't anything like that before. I love the photos of the Cleavedon market- its so old-school nana in a great way! (I did fight the temptation to name this post 'loverly joverly' or is it 'lubberly jubberly'?. Don't know. Just reminds me a bit of the nana thing)

...And so I was surprised and delighted to be invited to be featured on the blog section, Lovely Blogs! Thanks Charlotte!


Jen said...

it is a good idea isnt it
Im off to read all about you now :)

charlotte said...

oh goodie. Have just seen this post - didn't scroll down far enough yesterday after reading about your amazingly talented cousing Sarah. I think she's great!!