Monday, February 26, 2007

the anti-procrastination craft weekend part 2

Well kids, The Anti-Procrastination Craft Weekend was a sucess. I think that telling as many people as I could that I was going to be having a crafty weekend really encouraged me to live up to what I had been saying.

Sooo... here is what I achieved:

I finished the dress for flatmate- so very important, it was great to see it finished.

As a thankyou gift/payment she gave me this great origami book, called The Origami Handbook by Rick Beech (also known as The Handbook of Origami). I love origami, and some of the designs are quite amazing. I couldnt resist making the cute little origami bunny (it is now just asking to be made in gingham origami paper).

And I finally mended those jeans (whew!).

My favourite part was working on this dress for my niece. It was meant to be for her 4th birthday, but since I chose to make a size 5 dress I am confident that it will fit her. Puffball shapes and kids work so well together since they are both fun.

I made a decent dent into the scalloped neckline top ( I now have a bad fear that it will kind of resemble a bad bridesmaid's dress from the early 90s.....). I got that pain that is called bias binding done (yaaaay!), and the majority of the top together. Now all I have to do is the hems on the sleeves and the neckband facing, which I will reserve for the weekend.

Oodles and oodles of bias binding- so how will it all turn out? Will keep you posted...

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Jules Knoblock said...

oh you must have felt sooo great at the end of this weekend! Such accomplishment!