Monday, March 12, 2007

ridiculously cute

Wow, I can scratch off something from my listy-list! I have been busy sewing these auntie dresses for my nieces. I love making these- minimum input, maximum impact. There is something satisfying about making children's clothes, especially since they are almost always cute.

I have contemplated making these to sell on Etsy... but it would be quite a process, that may conflict more than a little with my plans for The T-Shirt Project (more about that later...) I really love this fabric- its double-sided (but I have make these garments in a reversible way)- stripy on one side, dotty on the other.

And for talented creative people- a big congratulations to my friend Emily, who was placed 2nd in the Vodafone ID Dunedin Emerging Designer Awards!
Other news is that I have decided not to enter The Triplets into the Hokonui Fashion Awards- I am so over looking at the same drawing of the same designs that it doesnt really interest me any more- I have worked with the same group of ideas for about a year, so they are definately stale. A bit of an executive decision there, but I don't want to waste my time on something that doesn't inpire me anymore. Onwards and upwards with The T-Shirt Project- my new design baby

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annalaura said...

The dresses are so cute, and I love the three pockets. My boyfriend has a little neice and I'm thinking I should make her some little outfits.