Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bonjour Paris!!!

Cute Eiffel Tower fabric from Fabric Attic.

The other day, I decided to act on a mad idea. I made and executive decision that next year, I am going to Paris. Nothing like a foreign country for a good dash of inspiration! I have so far brought a Lonely Planet travel guide and set up savings plans... but still don't know how long or when I will go. I do know that I want to have a stopover in Hong Kong (the most far away place that I have travelled to date), which is a city that I thinkis fanatastic- and chalk and cheese to Paris. So there is alot of planning to be made- and I will now be picking up my high-school French- I really want to speak the language. My relationship with the French language came to an abrupt halt when I gave it up and sold my soul to learn accounting (I thought it may be useful when I have my own fashion business... however when I had to take it by correspondance in the school library reading Time magazine took over. Much more interesting. I think I probably learned more from that than the accounting papers).

I think this trip will come at the expense of the little luxuries that I like to have- but not for my plans for new digital camera! I think that will be one thing that I will definately need in Paris...

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