Friday, February 23, 2007

the anti-procrastination craft weekend

At the best of times, I can procrastinate a little with my craft. But when theres several things that need to be done- or finished (after a year or so on hold) it is time to take action. This is where The Anti- Procrastination Craft Weekend comes into its own.
What i need to complete is....
  1. Dress for my flatmate. Juuust have to finish hem and tidy it up. I will try and get that done tonight.
  2. Fix a hole in my jeans. This a job that will take 10 minutes, but I have put it off for about 3 weeks (this means I haven't been able to wear jeans for about 3 weeks now, especially when one pair has gone AWOL). I think I have procrastinated on it because I couldnt be bothered threading my sewing machine (!).
  3. Complete the scalloped neckline top that I started this time last year. I think I abandoned it beacuse it had self- bias binding that I didn't want to sew.
  4. A dress for my niece, abandoned, half finished because I couldn't decide on a trim (I have decided to go for buttons now), and the name on it is only half- embroidered.

Thats quite a list, but would make for ahomely weekend.


annalaura said...

There has been so many times when I have not finished something because I have had to re thread my machine or worse still, load up the bobbin!

Anna said...

so true! Thanks for commenting!