Saturday, February 3, 2007

trees and balloons.

Last night, when I had just got to bed, I had an idea. But it had to wait-! I needed blu-tack and double sided stitcky.

I wanted to take these patterned wrapping papers (!) that I had been using for poster/artwork. I had reached the point where I had decided that they were a little boring.
So today, I pulled them down and cut them up. I wanted to make a mural thingy on my wall that was less boring to look at.
So I created this tree on my wall... its not finished yet... I am going to add some clouds towards the bottom with the pink paper ( I also have this print on a bag. I like it so much). At the moment I'm a little over cutting and am having a rest and watching X-Men on tv....

My other cool news is that I am into the Peter Minturn Jewellery School night classes, which I really exciting. I start in April, and will be creating pieces in silver. I hope to make a ring and perhaps a pendant- but we do have to make some compulsary pieces :)

Bye bye.

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