Monday, February 12, 2007

trees and balloons part two

Last Sunday I finished the WallTree- part of this work came from wanting to finish what I had started... and also a desire to clean my roon (scraps of paper were floating around my floor and slooowly inching their way out the room. Not good.) I want to take a decent photo of it and perhaps get that printed on canvas... will talk to my sister with the Good Camera.

I've finished the tree in my embroidery- since my last update it has really blossomed. I have worked mainly in French knots for the tree- I liked the idea of having more texture- at first it was to be a combo of French knots and other patterns- but as they were nice to stitch they quickly became the whole tree. I have added a scalloped edge to the tree, a tweety little bird and an owl in the hole in the tree. After looking at a copy of The Gruffalo, I have also decided to add a toadstool at the base of the tree by the button flowers.

I like embroidery because it is addictive- you just want to keep continuously adding more and more and more detail, and your mind races ahead with more ideas before you even have a chance to complete the motif you are working on. I havent yet dealt with the large gaping hole in the centre of the embroidery, but I'm still wanting to keep reworking older areas, which I will do until I get my mad genius idea of what to put in the middle (am potentially going to add a horse (Number 1 Show Pony), a Clarice Cliff style house, and a fox. That won't be all I tell you).

Speaking of crafty crafters, I am still in awe of Jane from yarnstorm's amazing pineapple tea cozy. I am also very excited that she will be publishing a book. I think that one of the main things with blogging- and possibly the hardest thing - is being able to write in a manner that engages your reader (or viewer)- and she achieves this. I also think that writing without acting pretencious is difficult as well. It will be fantastic to see a book.

I have also added a few new blogs to my little rooms list, and they are..
Little Birds Handmade, which has cute plush toys and lovely images.
Six and a Half Stitches which has gorgeous prints and (again!) lovely images.

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