Thursday, January 18, 2007


This is a favourite photo of mine. I took it a few years ago, when I just got my camera, and a new pair of shoes. I have not worn a pair of Chucks for a year now. But when I was a student I constantly wore them (Until they died. This pair developed a hole in the back that small stones would creep into when I walked.)

I think that it is quite representative of the shift in my life from being a student to being someone that works full time. It is amazing the amount of stress that went into 4 years at design school. I am still amazed that I managed to create a range (a micro range???). Please visit hems to the left to see examples of all the fashion work from my year. In case you're wondering where the title 'hems to the left' comes from, it is a patternmaking term that was drilled into us- when you develop a pattern, the hem always goes to the left- when you flip your patterns they can become distorted. Even today, when I am CAD patternmaking, thats what I do.

Nowadays since I work, I no longer have the time for large projects like these. An undertaking like a fashion design competition is now a big deal, and requires lots of planning. I think that blogs are great in the fact that they can pull creative people away from working in a vacumn- you always need feedback and support to make the most of your ideas. And that is important, or else you end up churning over the same kind of ideas that you had some time ago (Timeliness is very very important in fashion. Your good idea has to appear at just the right time)

Alas I still love my jumpsuits!!

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