Monday, January 8, 2007

notes on my list

I have created a long-ish list of things that I want to create, or are in the business of creating. Most of them I suspect have had a good level of procrastination involved- so are probably carry-overs from lists of old.

Now that I think about it I have a neglected top that i was making this time last year to finish. I think I stopped it because I had to work on my portfolio in order to find a job... anyways this top would be great if I finished it. I took it from a fantastic 50's pattern (which I also made my 6th form ball/prom/formal dress from) I very much love the scalloped scooped neckline, prim cap sleeves and the curved hem I gave it.

That will be another item for my list- perhaps above the "sew myself a skirt" entry...

Thats it for me today- 2 posts in 1 working day is probably 2 posts too many!

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