Friday, January 19, 2007

books. and music.

I finished reading The Curriculum Vitae of Aurora Ortiz by Almundena Solana ( I love the sound of these Spanish names) late last night. It was a nice little book to read, with a dreamy protagonist in search of a job (as a caretaker of a Madrid apartment building preferably, so that she can spend her days reading books). She sends away letters to the Talento recruitment agency in the effort that they can help her- these are not regular letters where she is just asking for a job, she instead tells them her background, like a life experience. But does she get work in the end.....
I have a small stack of books sitting by my bed to read (but I can remember what they are) and a sparkling new copy of Frankie magazine that is asking to be read.

I am a bit mad on The White Stripes, so some time later I got to hear Jack White's side project ( I like the idea of having side projects. I'm a bit mad on them too) The Raconteurs. They have quite a different sound from The White Stripes. The band manages to incorporate a little drummer boy/ military style drumming into their music- check out "Broken Boy Soldiers"- good work Mr. Patrick Keeler (New Favourite Drummer of the Moment). I still think the key to the band is Jack White's vocals- he has a lot more experience with the mike, and a recognisable yelp- I like a distinctive voice (previous band obsessions include The Smashing Pumpkins)... key songs include "Blue Veins" and "Yellow Sun" and "Steady, As She Goes"
So the tunes from this CD are on mind loop at the moment- I will let you know when I'm onto something new.

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