Monday, January 1, 2007

Marching into 2007

Hello again. Happy New Year!

Its good to have that new start "lets put up a new calendar" feeling. I didn't go out or anything last night (spoilsport) because New Years Eve in Napier for me has always somehow ended up in some kind of disaster. I think the lack of taxis and my house's slightly awkward location (on a hilly hill) can be to blame... walking up it at 5 in the morning with friends who are much drunker than you is not very funny...

Anywho I went in to wake up my parents this morning only to find that my sister's band The Haints of Dean Hall were playing on the radio- not bad for a band thats about a year old. It included an interview. I still think that its kind of weird hearing your sibling singing- in some ways I still think of my family as being visual artists/ designer types, and I forget that there is a bit of a musical bent- my brother can play excellent classical guitar, one of my sisters is learning the piano, my two nephews are into the guitar, and not to mention that I used to play the drums when I was a teenager (this often surprises people- obviously I do not seem like the drum playing type!!)

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