Friday, January 12, 2007

pins and needles

Do you ever get pins and needles? I do. I have developed a what you would call a terrible habit, of sitting on my leg when I'm at the computer, and I occasionally wind up with pins and needles...

However I do like pins and needles of the sewing sort, but have never owned a pincushion. So as a result of my holiday craft lite kit I now own a pincushion. I'm going though a coral pink stage with my embroidery, I can't seem to stay away from it- there seems to be something very enticing about working with this thread. I did try to be good and nicely mark on the text, but in the end freehand embroidery won out, and the text is a bit haphazard.

I like the grey felt (thanks Japanese $2 shop!) it offsets the coral quite nicely. I think that it would be neat to use the circular shape for something else, like a cushion and link them together at the sides- I'm sure that I have seen something like this before, but can't quite get my head around how it would work just yet.

Continuing the pins and needle theme I spotted this print called You Are My Needles and Pins at Inside a Black Apple. Cute.

I also love this drawing of a needle that I did last year. I'm still trying to find a place for it. If I'm brave enough I might try and turn it into a print repeat - I know zilch about making print repeats. It will be a learning curve.

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