Monday, September 26, 2011

Lucky Penny October (and some news)

Hello there!  Just a quick wee post to say that Lucky Penny is on next Tuesday!!  I'm going to be bringing a fine selection of crafty things to give away to the Lucky Penny-ers (uhhh.. something like- wool, origami paper, buttons, perhaps some fabrics and other interesting things).

Why, you ask, are you giving away your craft supplies?

I'm going to be moving to Melbourne at the end of October- there have been changes with my work, and I've now accepted a job as a designer (yay! But same-same but different).  So this will probably be my last Lucky Penny (unless I take it with me to Melbourne and hit the craft circuit there)  Perhaps I could become a Brown Owl and hang out at Meet Me At Mikes? I'm lucky that Melbourne is such a creative city, but I must say that I am kind of fearing the 40 degree heat that the summer brings...  But seriously, I think it could take me a good few months to even feel remotely settled there, you know, get used the changes with the job, find a new house (and decorate...I think Ikea is going to be making some money from me), and in between that really try and make some new friends. My brain at the moment is really ticking overtime- there is an incredible amount of things that I need to achieve before I board that plane, and connecting with the people who matter most is high up there (as is selling may car...) I remember my jewellery teacher once saying to me that I was nomadic as I seemed to change my address at least once a year.  Now I think he's right as this is the third time I've moved this year.  So I'm hoping that this blog can be a little outlet as I move into another chapter in my life
Anyway enough for now!  Catch you on Tuesday!

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A perfect city for you.