Sunday, November 6, 2011

making the move

Melbourne- looking towards Flinders St Station. 

Melbourne- looking towards city buildings and Federation Square. 

So, I've been in Melbourne for a week now.  Craziness- I can't believe that things have gone SO quickly since my last post for me to be here now.  I'm slowly sorting my life out- there are things that you don't normally consider to be difficult, but are- alot of that has to do with not having a permanent residence (yet).  I have just spent about an hour (!!!) trying to set up a prepay cellphone....!  However I am lucky enough to have found a new flat which I should be moving into in a couple of weeks time- its a little further out from the city than I had initially planned on, but it is on a nice leafy street and there are shops nearby.  It is also close to my work, which is good as I am public transporting it at the moment.

Today I've decided to visit Ikea to get some ideas as to how I can decorate my room..!  Its kind of exciting as we don't have Ikea in New Zealand so it will all be novel and new for me.  I have told myself that there is no point in shopping until I move into the house, so I'll have to wait a little.  I am also waiting on all my tax and pay stuff to be settled as well before I really hit the shops- I suspect with 40 degree summers on the horizon that I will have to update my wardrobe a little...

Living at a hotel is kind of weird, as you can't cook properly in a mini kitchen (hello takeaways!) and everything  is in (messy) suitcases.  I've started to be worried about my lack of fitness and the other day I went for a long walk around the neighbourhood of my hotel nosying at all the houses....! I still have my craft with me and I have done a little bit of embroidery, but mostly I am reading about everyone else's craft instead.  

Oh! And I've just started reading Harry Potter- talk about catching up on lost time.  Its funny though since I've seen most of the movies, that everything seems very comfortable and familar.  Loving them, and suspect that I will inhale these books within a couple of weeks.

Will promise more updates...!



Ruby in the Dust said...

thanks for the update; it sounds amazing! Ikea, mmmmm. ditto to shopping for new summer wardrobe :) Have fun, girlfriend!

Anna said...

thanks Heleen!

Ineka said...

Great to hear you'll soon be in a new flat and settling down into Melbourne life proper - I am so jealous! I LOVE Melbourne. Keep us posted!