Friday, September 2, 2011

whoa... its September!

Whoa... it's September! Firstly- Spring- yayyyyy! I love Spring- it's such a great season since I love blossoms. And speaking of Spring-y newness September also means that I now have a new nephew (hello Joshua!).  And September means here in New Zealand we are in the middle of Fashion Week.  I attended the Trelise Cooper show, usually not my kind of look, but a few nice pieces were spotted.  For someone who is into fashion, fashion shows terrify me.  Actually it is not really the shows per se, but the people they attract- think major wardrobe anxiety... September also means the Rugby World Cup is about to converge on Auckland, and more specifically my neighbourhood which is very close to Eden park (I am worried about parking, traffic, and whether I'll be able to get anywhere near my gym...) Ugghhhhh...

But not to worry as a perfect foil to rugbymania.... I present... Lucky Penny September- all details are on the pic- see you there!

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