Sunday, September 11, 2011

shoes and cupcakes

I like nice shoes.  And I have spent an unmentionable amount of money on them this year (but not like, Carrie Bradshaw level.  I think Manolos and Louboutins are kind of tacky...)  But I have been scanning through the Camper website as of late.  I like these ones.  And these ones.  And also these ones.  And these ones too!  Hmm... too many choices...
(Note to self:  It is not payday yet.  And you have bills.)
In the midst of all the RugbyWorldCupMania which has been gripping my city lately, it has been hard not to be swept up amongst it.  I have watched 1.5 rugby games this week, which surely must be a record.  And my work did an international themed lunch- the country I was allocated was Ireland, and given my lack of knowledge regarding Irish food, I chose to make green cupcakes instead (chocolate mint).  Mmmm.  And I cracked the Holy Grail of buttercream icing- I fiiinallly got the slightly-crispy-edging on the icing happening.  Success.

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