Friday, December 21, 2007

the return of... top five friday!

I had previously thought that Top Five Friday was extinct, much like the dodo and the sabre tooth tiger. But no, there is still room for more, and to kick off Top Five Friday-ing again I'm devoting this one to Upcoming Holidays. I love the Southern hemispere holiday season, and seriously can't imagine having a winter Christmas.

5. Finishing Work. After a hectic year the last day or so should be devoted to 'tying up loose ends'. Otherwise known as spending as long as possible tidying ones desk (I swear that everytime I look more samples seem to appear). Much better than 11th hour patternmaking! Then two whole weeks of doing as little, or as much is possible.

4. Airport Anxiety. Ever since missing a (delayed, thankfully not international) flight about a year ago and having to wait overnight to get the next one I'm prone to a little airport anxiety. My only way to combat this is to get to airport quick smart, check in, and hover around til boarding time (at least half an hour). Not content until I'm on the plane.

3. The Craft Lite Kit. I still can't quite keep away from crafts even during the hotter months, but this year I'm taking a 'low commitment' approach to my holiday crafting (last year I took the embroidery (see previous post) and it got slightly out of hand...) so I'm taking a tightly edited kit for pincushions- several bobbins of thread, needles and felt that is already cut.

2. Holiday Gear. I'm hanging out to get some new sandal (or jandals more like). And some lighter clothes. And perhaps I should eventually use up some of my summer Liberty.

1. Home and Sunshine (I hope). Azzzzuuuuure. That is the view from my parent's living room- you can't help but relax in this place.

See you soon!

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