Saturday, December 1, 2007

the neverending cuff (part 1)

I had Christmas drinks about a week ago for my jewellery class, not only was I asked several times which night class I was in, but also whether I had finished my cuff or not. Quite simply, the answer is no.
I have made it this far though:

The design was orginally meant to have fabric looping through the main part of the cuff, but has developed in a quite organic manner to be a butterfly inspired style. The bulk of the work has been in bending the cuff over and tidying the edges of the cuff so that they don't scratch when you wear it. I still have to finish cutting and filing one more of the wing shapes, then I will solder the 'wings' to the cuff and link silver chain through some of the free loops at the end of the 'wings'. I'm looking at more of a high-shine finish to what it is now, and may possibly add a black stain to it- it has also been suggested that I could enamel the wing shapes. I'm choosing to leave the enamel to another project! I have a good two more cooking in my head, but for now I can admire my work-in- progress pictures and wait until my next round of classes start.