Saturday, December 8, 2007

the haints of dean hall vs. jose gonzalez (part 2)

In January (not toooo far away when you think about it), my lovely sister Kathryn and Steve are set to open for the Jose Gonzalez tour of New Zealand. I've seen posters all over town advertising the tour- it is great to see people you know open for quite a well known act.

I am quite excited- not only is it a great opportuntiy for The Haints, but it also means that I should be able to see Jose Gonzalez again. This guy is amazing in concert- I'm not quite sure if the snippet from the Sony ad does him justice- his version of Teardrop (a cover of the Massive Attack song?) is lovely- especially live. He seems like such an earnest perfomer (the best desciption I can think of...).

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KreativeMix said...

very very exciting :-) oh, and i guess i'm not a new face anymore, huh?? LOL. have a fantastic week!!!