Friday, June 29, 2007

top five friday... Kingsland, Auckland

This weekTop Five Friday has gone local- so probably more applicable if you know Auckland! Ok, Top Five Friday has been on holiday for a while. I'm not really sure why, but I think I wasn't that happy with what I was posting.
This week I'm going to give you the run-down on Top Five Friday- Kingsland Auckland (which I suspect might be trickier than I think). Its hard to look at your neighbourhood objectively, when it is usually just a sight that you pass everyday. Most locations are on the Kingsland village part of New North Road.

5. Native Agent. This store has a Zambesi-esque approach to New Zealand design (particularly Maori influenced work)- like a non-tacky Kiwiana (is there such a thing). I am enamoured with the old NZ penny earrings and some of the cushions to be found there. Find them online here.

4. Atomic Coffee Roasters. Good coffee is to be found here- which can't be a bad thing!

3. Little India. Comfort food takeaways of the highest order- good fort he winter months..

2. Mixt. Fantastic selection retro furniture, ceramics, lighting and art. You could very easily kit out your living room here if retro furniture is your thing. Find them online here.

1. My Flat. Surely the best place of all. Where else can I hang out with my 3 flatmates, 3 goldfish and my crafts???

Now Kingsland could do with a goooood craft shop!!!


Sarah said...

Some great local finds. I will have to check them out next time I am in Auckland. Have a fab weekend.

sugarloop© said...

oooh,oooh i love mixt!