Monday, June 18, 2007

A is for Anna; A is for Auntie (two)

Now that I have a chain to wear it on, I can show you the pendant that I have spent a decent amount of time creating. Of course, given my current camera issues the photo isn't that wonderful, but trust me- it looks far better in real life (note to self: start saving for a better camera now!). It took me a good six classes worth of cutting, filing, sanding, soldering and whacking it with a hammer to create. It really makes you appreciate the amount of work that goes into artisan jewellery- and with jewellery, the smaller the scale, the more difficult it is to create a piece. Next I'm beginning the jewellery vs. clothing project, with a bangle which I will coil and drape fabric around- this will be great for melding the style of jewllery with the garments. I'm thinking of creating a few pieces like this, chunky and drapey jewellery that will compliment the style of clothes that I will somehow end up creating. I'm also thinking of working with pearls- if I can set them into silver that is- I am not keen on strands of pearls- so so very Chanel.
In the weekend I made my version of this cake. Delicious! Even my five year old niece was impressed by the lemon curd. I havent done any decent baking for a while -about a year- since I somehow took (to varied results) to baking from boxes. Now I think Ihave converted back to real cooking again- so much more satisfying!


Sarah said...

This looks great! Good job. Looking to seeing more of your jewellery creations.

Sarah said...

It looks beautiful! The lines are so fluid and graceful, worth all the effort, you have something to treasure there. And the cake sounds good too!