Saturday, June 23, 2007

the craft guilts

Do you ever get the craft guilts? You know, when you have not one, but several unfinished craft projects hanging around your home saying "Hey, you haven't finished me! Don't you abandon me for a shiny new project". I most certainlty have. I think its a little compounded by the fact that I have a list on the sidebar of this blog reminding me of what I have not yet finished. And I have that 'crazy new idea' problem (OK so perhaps crazy new ideas arent really a problem at all- usually they are a good thing) that shunts the 'not-so-urgent' projects down the list.

Here are the top offenders:

1. Scalloped neckline top. Yes, all I have to do is stitch the facing, and belt loops on. Is it really that hard?? No- then why havent I finished it yet?? I think it has almost become my weekly joke when leaving work on Friday "I'm going to finish that top this week- no, seriously, I will!"

2. Painting with lines and trees. I think this is more a matter of being inspired to paint. I worked on it for quite a while, but lately, paintings not happening. I even have a space in the living room all set out for it, but of course I won't display the painting til its finished.

3. Embroidery for my niece. Now this is a bit of an exception to the rule of craft guilts. I abandoned working on this when I took up knitting, but I actually think that I am procrastinating on purpose, just so that I can prolong the process a little more. I have already been carrying this embroidery around for a good four years- so I guess a few extra months won't hurt. I am one and a bit motifs away from finishing this piece (note the unfinished dog that looks like it is standing on the red bird's head), and I think it will be a bit sad when I finish, so at the moment, I am happy to give it a rest over the winter months.

And the irony is that I probably could have finished that top instead of posting about it!

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Lara said...

Hey Anna,

Thanks heaps for the comment on my blog! I was thinking a very similar thing re the two coloured print - the same design overlapped but displaced. And you're right - mocking it up in illustrator is the way to go :)

Hey I really like the painting with lines and trees! I really like that style and the colours work really well too :)