Friday, May 25, 2007

top five friday. red things.

Top Five Friday this week is Red Things. Here goes my short short list:

5. Ruby Red Slippers. The ones that Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz wears. I think they would be even more fun to wear than gold shoes.
4. Ladybirds. So cute. I am particularly fond of the one on my emboidery.
3. Red car. I have a red car. Yes its red, has for wheels and I can drive it.
2. Red Lipstick. So so right for winter. Now to find the perfect shade.
1. Red Camper Shoes. I was given a pair for my 21st birthday. I still wear them alot!

Stay tuned for next week's top five friday!


Charlotte said...

there's nothing better than a pair of red camper shoes - take a photo for us!!

and yes, wardrobe-angst - sheesh I hadn't even though of that - but I am cold right now!!!

oh and I never answered your question about me retailing my bags. Yes I will one day when I've made a huge pile of them. I'm planning on opening an online shop ( and I hear Coatesville market is good...

Anna said...

Coatesville market? Where's that? (recent Auckland transplant)