Monday, May 7, 2007

karma, karma.

All- righty! This morning I checked my blog to find that I had been tagged by Lara from Kirin Notebook. Basically this whole tagging business works a little like those chain letters you used to write when you were 12 (without threats of curses or 7 years of bad luck- I hope!).

Basically you get tagged, tell the world 7 random facts about yourself, and then pass the love onto another 7 unfortunate victims (I think this is the hard bit...)

So here is my list:

My favourite colour is red. I like it because it is so strong, but so so simple. Straight to the point.

I used to really really love Star Wars. Yep, I was mad on it. As in geeky mad. I had the look too (Mad hair and glasses) Nowadays I still think that the old- school Star Wars is the best... and I still think that Han Solo, Yoda, and Ewoks rock :)

I still think that it would be awesome to be a rockstar. Instant gratification. Visual arts and design is a little slower than a mad crowd.

I made my first dress when I was in kindy. Despite my rather obvious career choice after this early decision I can still count the amount of dresses I have made for myself on one hand.

My surname is a talking point. And strangely enough, even though I get a little tried of the jokes, I kind of like it. Its handy for a fashion label... then I can do slogan tees that say "THATS COOL McCOOL" :)

I once gave up learning French. For accounting (in the even that I should own my own business..) I still regret it.

I really don't like bus fumes. This is a little ironic as I bus to work everyday, and that each bus removes about 30 cars from Aucklands roads. But the fumes are awwwful.

Ok, seeing that I don't know too many people on blogger still, my list will be shorter than 7 people. I don't think that its fair to tag a blog that you only lurk on. So passing the love on to... Julie, Annalaura and Renee.


sugarloop© said...

hi, thanks for visiting my blog (and it's great to discover yours)! yes, insideout is so good...and our own mags like 'urbis' and 'your home and garden' aren't bad either :)

Jules Knoblock said...

I feel for you with the surname thing.. truly! After all the crap people put you through you do get to like it.. (I wanted to think of an analogy but it's too early in the morning)
thanks for the tag :P I'll have to put my thinking cap on!

Sarah said...

Hi Anna
I just found your blog via your Sugarloop comment. And I just blogged about the Haints of Dean Hall! Are you Jude's sister? I'm friends with Josephine.

Sarah said...

Oops forgot to say - cute blog!

Anna said...

yep, sure am Jude's sister... I know Josephine too! Small world! :)

Renee :) said...

Hi Anna,
Just saw your comment today.Haven't been posting lately since my husband already moved out of state & we don't know when we'll see him since airfare is so expensive & it's a 10 1/2 hour drive so by the time he would get here,he would basically have to turn around & go back. :( Anyways,I'll be busy with the girls tomorrow & Sunday we have a showing for our house,so maybe Sunday evening or Monday morning I'll answer your tag on my blog....thanks so much for thinking of me....I feel so special now that you even thought of me! :) Maybe one day we'll have a lot of blogger friends. :) Will you be one of my first blogger friends?
Renee :)

little special said...

hi! i'm new to your blog and just thought i'd let you know it's fab - looking forward to checking in!