Monday, May 14, 2007

the haints are playing

The writing on the picture is a little tiny, but The Haints of Dean Hall are playing on...

Friday 18 May- Arc Cafe, Dunedin with Anji Sami
Saturday 19 May- Harbour Light, Lyttleton with Brian and Maryrose Crook (the Renderers)
Wednesday 23 May- Wine Cellar, Auckland with Steve Abel
Saturday 26 May- Happy, Wellington with Bonanza

See you there.

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Renee :) said...

Hi Anna,
I finally got around to doing my tag....that was quite interesting,don't think I revealed anything creepy about myself. lol! Anyways, I think those are pretty fun b/c then you get to know more about the people that way.Well,can't stay online too long in case I get a phone call,so talk to you later!Bye!

PS-It looks like Julie never got the 10 comments for the drawing...everyday my daughters ask me about the picture she is drawing but I haven't seen any updates.We miss seeing how it comes out after all the ideas are posted,it was fun! :)