Saturday, March 17, 2012

stitching up a treat: part two

GG's embroidery is coming along in leaps and bounds.  The space that I have left to embroider has shrunk very rapidly.  I challenged myself to add another motif- and perhaps on the tail end of making a felt cupcake, I decided to embroider a cupcake on felt.  This time I decided to keep it simple and not spend time embroidering a detailed fill.  My only concern is that the icing looks a little like pink poop (GG will probably pick up on this and find it hilarious). I also added some Trendy Triangles.  Because triangles are the new Diagonal Lines (I was using diagonal lines a lot as fillers on E's embroidery.  Very circa 2005) .  But really, it was nice working with a simple graphic element for a change- sometimes I get embroidery envy of those who can do simple but artfully composed work.  But most of all I liked working with the bright colours- I made a beeline for a clean bright turquoise, mustard yellow, coral pink and purpley blue.
At the moment I working on the fill for the sky, gradually increasing the intensity of the colour so that it is a decent shade of sky-blue.  I 'm wanting to tie up some loose ends and make sure that I have some of the bigger components completed before I move onto my next major motif- Fly the Border Collie, which will take up the majority of the space left on my fabric.  It will also take some thought in terms of composition and will challenge my (minimal) dog-drawing skills.  

Readers- I need your help..!  I added this rainbow thread butterfly at the beginning of the year, trying to replicate the success I had with the one on E's embroidery.  However this one has come out looking a little fugly and messy, so I think that it needs a little TLC to help realise its full potential.  So I'm open to suggestions as to how I can improve it.  At the moment my thoughts are to whip-stitch around the teardrop bits in single-colour thread, add more metallic thread to the lower wing, and to add a French Knot eye.  Hopefully that would work somehow...

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!

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Ruby in the Dust said...

wow Anna! I love the new triangles; picked up on them immediately. your sky is also looking very nice. I'm sure you can save that butterfly, it probably only needs an eye and some metallic thread, it's got a lovely shape and color already. cupcake looks delicious in a slightly turdy-with-sprinkles way :)