Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm loving all the old cast-iron signs that adorn the entrance to apartment blocks around here.  I really like the effort that goes into the typography.  You do see so much of the little details when you are walking around your neighbourhood. 

Earlier this week, in my plan to settle into Melbourne I went along to the famous Brown Owls (hope the link works), which I was hoping would be a little like Lucky Penny.  It was and it wasn't.  Even though it was the same kind of set up as Lucky Penny I didn't really feel any sense of belonging, or ownership there- obviously because I was new, but also perhaps a little because I've realized that I'm just not super comfortable crafting in public places. I'll keep my crafting at home, in front of the TV like it always has been.  So my next step in Getting a Social Life is going to book club.  Book club!  I'm hoping that it is a little more successful for me. 

 Today is a public holiday, so while I'm relaxing at the moment I do plan to get moving- go to the gym, clean my apartment and do some crafting.  I've had one of those really hectic weeks that involve long hours (work conference), so a long weekend is super welcome.  Unfortunately like a holiday or even a regular weekend I can feel it coming to an end very quickly!  I have some updates on my embroidery that I would love to show you- with some hope, later today.

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Ruby in the Dust said...

I love those signs too; Cape Town is full of them as well, especially Art deco fonts, I remember. We miss you at LP!! Good luck with finding the perfect new group to slot into :)