Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, when I was hanging out the laundry, I glanced upon the neighbour's magnolia tree. It was enough to stop me mid-morning chore to run and grab my camera for a little impromptu photo session. Photogenic, no? I love photographing flowers- especially when they fill the frame of the lense. I don't have a good photographer's eye, but I like these. I really got into photographing cherry blossom trees when I was in Japan- as did everyone else there- people really do seem to appreciate how lovely they are.

This early evening, when I was collecting said laundry, I glanced upon the neighbour's magnolia tree. Again I just had to grab my camera- it looked so pretty in the twilight. And I just had to share, while I'm feeling a little impulsive!

ps. Please excuse the very muddly order or this post- me and new computer are trying to make friends with Blogger- I can't seem to move the pictures where I want them, and until I figure it out, they can stay put. Did I just say 'new computer'?! Yes, sure did- so that means that there will be more posting from now on. Yay!

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