Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucky Penny... Back for August!

Hello! Hope you are enjoying the craft-inducing winter coziness (or coldness, whichever you prefer..) and are clocking up some quality time with your friends, family and various creative pursuits. I know that I have many on the go-go (sometimes its actually hard to decide what to work on as some of my projects will have important future sentimental value, but others are just there for mindless relaxation... like most of my knitting. I don't go for genius in that category).Its been a little while since the last Lucky Penny- a whole month without a craft catch up and so much has happened... so without further adue:

Lucky Penny August
...from 7.30pm onwards..
Tuesday 3rd August
Mezze Bar
Durham Lane
Auckland (its above the Whitcoulls/Glassons on Queen St)

See you then!

ps. Sorry for the absence of advertising material (aka. the usual poster) But at least I managed to include a picture..!

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