Friday, February 29, 2008

a leap year day

It is a leap year day. And I'm going to post simply because this opportunity will only present itself once every four years. A 'Happy Birthday' to those that are born on February 29. This extra day of the year is a good day to think.

I've been doing a little inventory (as you may say) of all my projects and ideas that I am presently working on, or really really want to work on. It is a bit of a long list. A while ago I took the list of projects off the sidebar of this blog as I realised that I wasnt really working on them. This weekend I would looooove to start sewing again, as my high- rotation of favourite clothes are looking a little tired to me. My stash of Liberty is asking to be (very carefully) used up.

So my little long list is as follows...

... A blouse-y top for myself, made from one of my Liberty fabrics. I'm going to hunt for a good pattern.
... To finish the butterfly top for my sister.
... A couple of t-shirt dresses for my nieces.

... To work on my blanket every now and then.
... And to knit a basket weave scarf in a gorgeous wool in time for winter.

... Simply to pick up my paints again after they have been in storage for so long. Especially when I have some ideas to develop.

... To complete the first motif on the embroidery for Miss G.

... And to create a great cushion for myself (coat of arms)

... To finish my 'goodbye' illustration. Eventually.
... And eventually learn how to do textile prints.

... To Finish the Neverending Cuff. By the end of the term. So that I can move on to...
... An extravagant necklace.
... And a brooch for my mother.

Now my question is- where, just where do I find (or make) the time?

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