Monday, October 22, 2007

packing it up

My life is in boxes at the moment, well at least a good portion of my belongings are. I've just spent the day packing in anticipation of moving out of the flat on Saturday- I'm very much over it by now!. I know that I will miss it and will probably get all sentimental about it. Sewing machines have been stored, excess bits and pieces gone, and a growing charity pile is forming. And despite all this, I'm yet to find a flat to move onto- a few potentials though. I'm hovering over my cellphone like a teenager waiting to hear from her date...

Flat hunting is a strange thing- you meet an amazing amount of people and peer into an interesting number of houses- some relatively loveley, some definately not! There is always good stories to tell- I remember looking at a shockingly bad one when I lived in Wellington- it was in the Aro Valley and up a million step step stairs in the hillside. The place turned out to be dark, damp and very much a boy flat- and then it turns out my future flatmate had also seen the place and given it an immediate no.
Yet I just have to remember that on the other side, for the people finding a flatmate, that there is also a good number of potential flatmates (and crazy people who you just know that you wouldn't want to live with). I think that the right flat will find me. Optimistic here!

And the worst thing is that you can emotionally move in, you know, when you start thinking of how you will decorate your potential room- in my case this is not helped by a small pile of interior decorating magazines scattered on the floor. Very distracting, but I'm no Martha Stewart...!

Anyway, I'm going to start a new embroidery- a piece for my littlest niece...

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Sarah said...

Well good luck with the flat hunting, it's very stressful isn't it. But the perfect place is out there! And you sound like you have the right attitude. And enjoy the embroidery :)