Tuesday, October 9, 2007


In case you have'nt noticed, I've been busy enough to not blog. In the next few weeks, things are set to get busier workwise, and in between that I have to find a new flat to live in. So my crafting time is set to be sporadic, and I'm left with little to post about.

See you in the calm time.


Jen said...

all the best with the flat hunting
dont work TOO hard
remember to take some time for you

Jules Knoblock said...

yeah, good luck with the move and thanks for your comment.
It can be so hard trying to fit a move in and crafting!!

ps. I've been to the dentist now, all went ok, though now my face is all numb and I'm hungry but too scared to eat!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Anna
How is the flat hunting going?
When are you coming back?!
Hope all is well