Monday, September 10, 2007

home again

I'm all back from Sydney now, and still adjusting to being back in NZ and am settling back into my daily dearly routine. I have been back to the real world for one measly day of work (then the weekend!)... I walked and I walked, bused, trained, planed and ferried here there and everywhere! Priscilla was a mad mad musical- the costumes were kind of insane and were worth seeing.

Then I struggled to pack my bags home due to some shopping.....

But can someone please explain this????

A.P.E.C. Wow, what a time to be in Sydney. George W Bush and 650(!) of his entourage were in town, as well as additional presidents and prime ministers from other countries... All this of course meant security. As in fortress style security and lots of cops everywhere. They even cordoned off the Opera House as they were using it as a venue, which was a little strange to see- normally the place is milling with tourists taking photos left, right and centre. And taped over rubbish bins in case anyone had the sense to put something suspicious in it. Crikey. Of course it gave everyone something to talk about.I missed out on all the protests though- I'm still not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing- nonetheless it would have been quite a sight for Anna in tourist mode... I of course was concerned that I would not get around the shops...

But on a brighter note:

The Hoppers. Or skippys. Or roo's. These two slightly bewildered and naive looking kangaroos and their joeys ended up coming home with me. My two nieces were delighted!

Holiday Craft. Do you think that I could be away from craft on holiday. No, not at all. As I was travelling with my parents, I knew that I would not be out and about every night. So I took this embroidery along with me. This came from a transfer that was with a 70's Needlewoman magazine, that I was going to put my own spin on it. It had been tempting me for a while, so I had a little start on it.
Of course I somehow left Sydney with some fabric... I found this black Tom Hedqvist fabric in a Finnish design store in Bondi Junction- I can't remember the name of the shop sorry! I have no idea of what I will do with it, but I love the slightly woodblock-ish feel about it, and the fact that it reminds me of books.

Cute as a Teapot. In my on-going mission to beautify my life ( I am reading far too many 'beautiful house' type magazines) I have purchased a teapot. Very cute. Lovely colour. Now soon I think that I will be on some kind of mission to re-organise and de-clutter and somehow turn a section of my room into a workable studio (instead of the mountain of clutter that it is)

The Shoes. I found myself yet another pair of mary-jane style shoes with a little heel. This is my third such pair of this style of shoe... But the nude colour would look fantastic with black tights or jeans. I am in a slight scrunchy-toe moment until I break them in (uh-oh).

It is still nice to be home- I got into the local thing this weekend and walked up to Kingsland village, got lunch from one of the cafes, and had a peek in Mixt and Royal Jewellery Studio- very nice pieces there. I'm still getting lots of ideas for design-y, craft-y stuff, but I have to remember to slow down and keep everything realistic. And clear my craft back-log!!!!

I was delighted to hear that
Carrie has received my swap and loves the pincushion (I loved working on it too. Am planning to make a few more)!


Jen said...

welcome home

cute skippys

I like your tea set
I agree It is a really nice colour

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Lovely teapot.

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