Saturday, February 11, 2012

thread mess

I've found some new threads to work with.  A local art and craft store was clearing their DMC threads for 50c a skein.  Cheap!  Still no sign of the elusive fluro yellow thread though..! It is so hard to know what colours I have and haven't got, so I just grabbed a selection of blues that I thought would help with embroidering the sky on GG's embroidery.  I also got questioned by the shop assistant as to whether I was doing embroidery "like, from a chart or do you make it up?".  Obviously she was not accustomed to seeing embroidery outside of a kit...?  Anyway it was kind of funny.  I haven't really had the space to embroider much since returning to Melbourne, perhaps I overdid it a little over Christmas!  I might start a fresh motif on GG's Embroidery and see where that leads me...

Have a happy weekend!

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