Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sashiko. Sa-shi-ko. I love the sound of this word. And I love sashiko, which is a Japanese form of embroidery. I first found examples of sashiko floating around the net a few years ago, and added it to my 'crafts I like' list (no, not an actual list. I'm not that pedantic). So I was very excited to find a kit at the local Daiso shop (yayyyy!). I really loved some of the wording on the packaging- so funny, but kind of true. I carried the kit around for a year before I decided that the time was right for me to work on it. And that was when I came back from Vietnam. It is summer here in New Zealand and sashiko is the perfect summer embroidery- fast, portable, non-commital and most importantly, simple. It helps that it looks good too! It took me about a month to finish these two pieces, which is incredibly speedy given that I have a penchant for long drawn-out projects (Georgie's Embroidery, the knitted blanket, the silver hair-comb to name a few). I'm not quite sure what I will do with these pieces now that I am finished. At the moment they are simply pinned to my wall, loose threads and all. One day they may get transformed into patchwork-y but modern looking cushion.
So what is next? Well.... I have a dress to finish from some gorgeous 50's fabric, and perhaps it is time to return to those big projects. Or perhaps I could make felt donut magnets.. also from the craft aisle at Daiso...

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